Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Guji Guji Acrostic Poem

Mother duck was sitting on her eggs   (Mackenzie)
Oh no the eggs are hatching (Sydnee & Eva)
They threw the rocks into the crocodile’s mouths (Scarlett)
Helping teach her children to swim, dive and waddle (Ryan)
Eggs rolled into mother ducks nest (Mohainman)
Reading to her ducklings

Danced and celebrated at the end (Sydnee)
Under the bridge the crocodile’s waited ( Eva)
Crack, crack went the crocodile’s teeth (Regal)
Kind (Tia)

(Whole class writing with Ms Donald-we have been reading and acting out the story Guji Guji ready to see it being performed at the Globe Theatre next term)

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  1. WOW Room 17 you are very clever writers! I bet you will enjoy Guji Guji next term when you visit The Regent, you know what the story is all about.


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